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Business solution ideas for Web 2.0

Last month I commented on the eerie similarity of the changes going on in the Web 2.0 industry today to those that started ten years ago for Web 1.0. Since then have had the opportunity to speak with industry analysts, technology experts and potential partners and customers (in both the private and public sectors) about this very point. These conversations have reinforced this concept to a much greater extent than I originally believed. Rather than having to explain why business services were much more valuable than having a Web 2.0 toolbox, I found instead that everyone I spoke with could immediately come up with ideas for new services based on Web 2.0

I want to concentrate my next few posts on sharing these findings. I do not know if this will be a four-part series or longer (there are so many ideas, that is is hard to say – an exciting prospect). I definitely want to encourage your to share your ideas with me through comments or directly contact me. I welcome both agreement and disagreement. Thank you.