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Microsoft Convergence Kick-off: Tying people and process into an ecosystem

This morning’s kick-off began with a keynote address by Kirill Tatarinov, the General Manager for the dynamics platform. His general theme centered on using the Dynamics platform to manage an ecosystem of people and process. This was a variation of the people-process-technology triad but with more focus on how they all work together (hence the “ecosystem” language).

A few items jumped out at me from the keynote address:

  1. The discussion was centered more on ERP — but never explicitly used the term “ERP.” They even showed some advanced R&D on real-time process change work similar to what IDS Scheer does for SAP. (It will be curious to see how Microsoft continues to position Dynamics vis-a-vis SAP)
  2. Microsoft’s Dynamics leadership team is very international. They are bringing a lot of integrated supply chain and mobile concepts to bear to the US market that have larger penetration outside the US. This is great to see.
  3. You could definitely tell it was now 2009. I heard many Obama-isms: it is a time and opportunity for change and crises provide an opportunity for big change (not just survival, but fixing all those inefficient processes). In addition, the focus was mostly on the Public Sector (with a series of videos highlighting recent transformation work at the America Red Cross)

This theme resonates with what I heard at dinner last night from some of Microsoft’ Partners. This year, CRM is big — if you think Citizen Relationship Management. Government is a great customer who is benefiting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next 15 months — not just in business terms — but also how it shapes technology R&D to accommodate public sector-specific requirements.