Oulixeus: My Consulting Firm

As a problem solver, I enjoy working with others to help analyze, plan and create technology (or market and provide it to customers and support them). To enable me do this, in 2009 I formed a consulting firm, Oulixeus Ltd.

Oulixeus (In Ionian Greek) means “Odysseus,” the inspirational problem solver from antiquity known for creative uses of strategy and technology to solve “unsolvable” problems. Oulixeus Ltd is a boutique firm of highly-experienced consultants who take a holistic approach to problem solving that spans:

As one of Oulixeus’ General Partners, I specialize in helping organizations exploit today’s emerging technologies to be more competitive and successful. For more information, please visit www.Oulixeus.com or email Haughwout [at] Oulixeus [dot] com.

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