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The name of this blog is an homage to my original love and work in the aerospace field. A Lagrange Point (or L-Point) is a physics term for a location where the forces of two large bodies (e.g., the Earth and the Sun) perfectly balance their effect on a third (e.g., the Moon or a GPS satellite). Each L-Point has unique characteristics that provide fun and interesting ways to look at how Technology interacts with Life (M1) and the Business (M2) world.

  • Point L1 explores issues and opportunities in today’s immediate spotlight. (L1 is right in the sun.)
  • Point L2 sheds light on potential surprises and unexpected developments. (L2 is always in the shadows.)
  • Point L3 examines “What If” scenarios if history had turned out differently. (Sci-fi writers always put “Counter Earth” at L3.)
  • Point L4 looks ahead for opportunities that we can begin to exploit today. (L4 is always leading up front.)
  • Point L5 looks back at lessons from the past relevant and useful today. (L5 is always following behind.)

While all technology is “fair game” it concentrates on cloud computing,  big data, mobile, and the blurring line between business and consumer tech.

Thanks for reading!

Equipotential map of five real-life Lagrange Points (Wikipedia Commons)
Equipotential map of five real-life Lagrange Points (Wikipedia Commons)

5 points where tech balances between life and work