Forays into Cooking: My adventures as an amateur chef

Engineering and cooking are very similar. In both professions you start with tools, ideas and starting materials. You then add some creativity, technique and processing. The result is something better than the sum of its original parts (ideally, it is also something that is elegant and pleasing to others).

I started cooking in college because I wanted to eat more healthy (and hated cafeteria food). As I grew older, cooking became more important to me. It is one of my favorite ways to de-stress (the other is exercise). However, unlike exercise, cooking creates. It is After a few hours (or even minutes) of effort, I can see, smell, touch and taste the results of my efforts.

Even better, cooking is communal. Everyone-regardless of profession, race, country, language or culture–has to eat (they usually like to eat also). Through cooking I have learned about other people’s culture, shared some of my own, and incorporated what I learned from my many travels into my personal experience. One of the things I love to do in a new place is visit a restaurant (or friend’s house) where I can explore new food ideas.

One these pages I will share my adventures with food, and my adventures as a amateur chef:

  • Tools: Cooking starts with the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.
  • Books: Some of my favorite cookbooks
  • Recipes: Eventually I got up the nerve to stop following recipes and create my own. Here are a few.
  • Restaurants: I have been luck to travel many places. Here are some of my favorites by geography
  • TV: When I first started cooking, the only food shows were on PBS. Now we can watch cooking shows 24×7. Here are my favorites.
  • Tips: Some tips and shortcuts I have come up with over the years.

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