About Me: Jim Haughwout

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  • My Passion: Creating technology that transforms how we work, live, and play
  • Grew up in NJ. Lived in the North East (USA), South East (USA), NorCal and SoCal, and as two-time expat
    (the UK and Scandinavia)
  • Graduate of MIT (SB in aeronautical and astronautical engineering) and Harvard University (MPP)
  • Began writing software: 1982 (building and hacking gaming software in Grammar School).
  • First Internet development: 300-baud, half-duplex modem in 1985 (Middle School) using my Commodore 64.
  • First Mobile, Tablet and Wearable development: That’s Classified–I’m not kidding–circa 1994)
  • First Big Data development: That’s Classified too–
    an Exabyte-scale system circa 1993. Recently (2013-2017) built Savi’s Hybrid Lambda Architecture  for sensor fusion and analytics.
  • First Machine Learning development: circa 1995 (also Classified). First Patent: An algorithm like Random Forest but with improved safeguards against Type I and II error. Recently: Building neural networks in Udacity’s Autonomous Vehicle Program.
  • First Elastic Computing development: Building always-on, horizontally-scalable web services in 1998. IaaS (AWS, Azure, GCP) user since 2009 — now focusing on 100% empherality.
  • First Streaming Processing: circa 1993 (also Classified). A decade later invented AOL’s CEP platform and infrastructure. A former user of Storm and Spark Streaming now moving to AWS Kinesis and GCP Cloud Dataflow.
  • First job: Staff Scientist (programming satellite navigation software) at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (in Group 101 working on SDI–a.k.a. “Star Wars”).
  • Currently: Head of Infrastructure & Ops for a leading consumer tech company. We provide the infrastructure, tools and micro-services to enable hundreds of developers to iterate rapidly for improve the experiences of over 140 million active users.
  • Previously: CTO at Savi Technology combining hardware engineering, M2M, Mobile, Data Engineering & Machine Learning  to build the software to optimize the Industrial IoT.
  • Twenty-five years turning new and emerging technologies into award-winning products, platforms, and services. My teams have won 28 tech and product awards, 16 in the past seven years.
  • Leadership experience: 16 years (R&D, Architecture, Product, Engineering, QA, DevOps, Operations, Professional Services, General Management) – eleven years at the executive level (with monthly Board and investor interaction), six years leading global organizations in Fortune-200 companies
  • Hands-on technology experience: 15 years as an Engineer, Tech Lead and Architect. I still prototype for scale and performance testing (especially for data engineering and productizing machine learning) and occasionally open-source my work.
  • Employment experience:
    3/4 Engineering & Ops : 1/4 Product & Business Owner;
    2/3 Fortune-200 & Late State : 1/3 Seed & Early Stage
  • What I do for fun: Travel, hiking, cooking, photography.

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